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Foam+ Snow Foam Concentrate

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FOAM+ Super Concentrate Snow Foam

This is no ordinary snow foam, this is ultra concentrated for maximum cleaning power. The advantage of a thick snowfoam like this is that you don’t need to spray as much water on, i.e. less water in the seals, headset bearings etc.
This super safe pH7 foam will dwell on the surface for up to 5 minutes, cleaning deep without damaging any special coating, carbonfiber or sensitive finishes.
Directions: Use 50ml of concentrate in a snow foam bottle, then top up with 150ml of water.
Spray on your frame, wheels, drivetrain at full mix power and leave to dwell for 2-5 minutes.
Rinse and use our luxury washpad with a drop of concentrate to give a full deep clean.
Rinse and dry as normal.
You can also use a spray bottle 1:10 if you dont have a foam lance, however it will not foam up.
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