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Steez QD & Waterless Wash

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STEEZ Detailing Spray & Waterless Wash

The quickest way to add some style with ease! It adds quick gloss to the frame, dresses tyres (yes tyres!), cables, hubs and just about anything else. It is safe on pedals, tyres, brake surfaces making it a must have all in one product!
You can also use as a waterless wash, the formula will lubricate as you wipe to avoid scratching.
Directions: Spray all over the whole bike including tyres, rims, hubs and components.
Use a clean dry microfiber cloth to buff the frame and other hard surfaces. Leave to dwell on tyres and it will dry to leave a dressed non sticky finish.
If you want to remove light dirt as a waterless wash simply spray and use a damp cloth to wipe away the dirt then follow up wit
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